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On a nice sunny day on the 16th of july we started our journey with our own car to Danmark, from there we would go with the ferry to Iceland. In Iceland we've driven in 5 weeks over 6000 km along the coastal area's of Iceland. It was a fantastic drive in the land of ice and fire. On our way we climbed mountains, vulcano's, walked on icecaps, and saw a landscape that is undoubtedly one of the finest in the world. This island with the size of about 3 times Holland and only 267.000 inhabitants, is mostly one great wilderness, where humans only live on the coast.

This page is about our experiences in Iceland, devided into a few sections wich contain; area's we visited, mountains we climbed, special cities we visited or roads we've driven. It's about our journey, things we saw and how we experencied them. Sebastiaan van den Heuvel 1999


                              ICELAND WINTER 2002